We are a diverse and highly experienced team, including scientists, businesspeople, lawyers, veterinarians, and development professionals. We are all excited by genuine innovation, and animal healthcare is particularly close to our hearts.

You can read more about the leaders guiding Nexvet's development on our Board and Management pages, and get a taste of the diversity and talent we welcome in our wider team of employees and contractors at our Careers page. 

Nexvet Biopharma

Unit 5, Sragh Technology Park
Rahan Road, Tullamore
Co. Offaly, R35 FR98
P: + 353 5793 24522 

Level 8, 31 Queen Street
Melbourne 3000
P: +61 (3) 9610 4400

United States
275 Post Street
4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108

Email: info@nexvet.com

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