At Nexvet, we are committed to using major advances in biotechnology and our expertise in biologic therapies to create better, safer therapies for companion animals.

We work closely with veterinarians to ensure we deliver novel, safe and efficacious therapies that will make a meaningful difference to clinical practice.

We believe that biologic therapies such as ours can deliver better health outcomes through the following characteristics:

Efficacy. Our PETization™ technology is designed to rapidly customize therapeutic monoclonal antibodies ("mAbs") to a target species. PETized™ mAbs are designed to retain the affinity the parent antibody had with the biological target. This in turn leads to retained potency in neutralizing that target.

Safety. In customizing mAb therapies for target species, PETization matches the structure of the target species more successfully than conventional approaches, thereby reducing the risk of immunogenicity (immune rejection). We believe this benefit increases the safety of our mAbs.

Ease of Compliance. PETized mAbs are designed to be injected every four to six weeks to maintain therapeutic levels. This compares favorably to the daily or more frequent injection or oral dosing required with many small molecule therapies. As a result, we expect that compliance with treatment regimens will significantly increase.

We believe that these product characteristics align favorably with veterinarian preferences. As injectable products are typically administered at veterinary clinics, our lead product candidates would offer veterinarians the opportunity to monitor compliance by seeing patients on a more regular basis.

As an example, our monthly subcutaneous injectables for the chronic pain associated with canine or feline osteoarthritis, ranevetmab and NV-02, will compete in a market currently dominated by NSAIDs, which accounted for over 83% of pain medication sales in 2013.

NSAIDs also account for the largest number of adverse drug events of any drug class reported to the FDA, including vomiting, gastrointestinal bleeding, diarrhea and liver and kidney toxicities.

We believe that the limitations of NSAIDs create a significant need for a new, long-acting treatment for chronic pain that has comparable efficacy but without their adverse events.

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